Back to School with Essential Oils - Part I - Homework!

One of the most difficult transitions many kids face is the shift they need to make from endless summer fun (which often means late nights and sleeping in) to going to bed on time, getting up early, and yes ... studying and doing homework.

Luckily, most kids are very flexible and adaptable and can make this transition smoothly. However, one of the biggest issues I hear from parents is, the homework. How to get kids to focus on their homework and pay attention to what they're working on is often a huge challenge.

Here are a few things you can do to help with that transition:

1. Limit TV and video games/computer time before bed. Ideally, all screens should be shut off an hour before bedtime. This gives the brain time to unplug and get ready for sleep.

2. Set definite expectations regarding homework. You can impose age-appropriate restrictions on free time vs homework time. For example, no video games or TV (or whatever) until homework is done. Or compromise a little: you can play with your tablet for 30 minutes - then it's time for homework. Set a timer.

3. Limit sugar, junk food, and other processed foods prior to bedtime. A good rule of thumb is to skip dessert after dinner and no sweets at all until tomorrow. If your child has a real sweet tooth that must be satisfied, opt for after school snacks rather than after dinner treats.

4. Ensure your household is conducive to sleep. This means restful peace and quiet. It's not reasonable to expect a 5 year old to go to sleep if their older sibling is playing loud music in the adjacent bedroom. 

5. Utilize bath time as a time to unwind. A few drops of lavender oil in the bath water can really help calm an over stimulated child! It might help you relax, too! (Use only pure essential oil - NEVER use a fragrance oil!)

6. Diffuse a night time sleep blend in their bedroom for 30 minutes. You can find free recipes here.

7. Use essential oils to help with focus and sleep. Our "Just for Kids" Collection offers kid-safe blends that can help with focus, attention, and (yes) even bedtime. Additionally you'll find the best blends for minor issues such as cuts, scrapes, headaches, and stuffy noses. We blend our oils for kids in proportions that are safe for your little ones. We've done the dilution for you, taking the guess work out of it and creating blends you can use with confidence. 

Here's to making this school year the best ever!