Essential Oils of the Earth

Immune Support Kids (Ages 2 - 6)


A must-have for cold and flu season and when traveling,  especially for little ones who are exposed to so many colds, viruses and bacterial infections in school and/or daycare. This special children's blend of the highest quality, 100% pure organic and wild grown essential oils is formulated to help support your little one's immune system's ability to defend against germs, viruses and bacteria. 

Contains 100% pure organic and wild grown essential oils of Lemon, Lavender, Frankincense and Sandalwood blended in Organic Fractionated Coconut Oil.


Rollerball: Apply to back of neck, lower back, and bottoms of feet. Not intended for consumption. Avoid eyes, mouth and mucous membranes. Never put this or any essential oil in your child's ears.

Inhaler: Place inhaler gently in one nostril and close the other nostril. Inhale deeply 2-3 times. Repeat on other side.


Formulated for children age 2 and up. Do not use on infants or children under 2 years of age. If your child is on medication or has a medical condition, consult a physician or aromatherapist prior to use.

For children ages 6 months to 2 years, consider diffusing a blend of Lavender and Frankincense for up to one hour in their room, placing 2-4 drops of lavender in a diffuser for a therapeutic effect.

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