Essential Oils of the Earth

Jasmine (Jasminum officinale grandiflorum)


Exotic and incredible, Jasmine has an unmistakable and alluring scent. Jasmine blooms only at night and has the sweet, strong, romantic fragrance that is typical of night-blooming flowers. It has been used for centuries for low libido, insomnia, uplifting mood, and balancing hormones.

Jasmine helps with PMS symptoms - use our ready-to-apply roll-on and apply to inner wrists, back of neck and bottoms of feet (at bedtime). Diffuse a few drops full strength to help reduce stress and anxiety.

Jasmine is a natural aphrodisiac and its incredible fragrance is a natural mood and energy booster. It is also calming, and is a natural sedative as well as a tension easer. Often used to ease postpartum blues, it helps balance hormones naturally and has been used to help breast feeding moms produce more milk.

Jasmine is a strong and powerful oil. A small drop is usually all that's needed! The delicate flowers produce a small quantity of essential oil and it takes over 10 pounds of these tiny flowers to produce just 5 ml of oil!

Blend Jasmine with other oils such as lavender and orange for an incredible diffuser blend or homemade perfume.

If you are pregnant or nursing or have a medical condition consult your physician prior to use. 

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