Essential Oils of the Earth

Orange Essential Oil (Citrus sinensis)


Orange Essential Oil (often referred to as Sweet Orange) is cold-pressed from the rind, or peel, of the common orange fruit.It is one of the best-selling oils in the world due to the huge variety of uses!

Orange Oil provides support for the immune and lymphatic system. It is also a wonderful stress-buster due to its amazing calming properties. Diffusing it is a great way to enjoy its therapeutic properties.

In addition to helping alleviate stress, Orange can help relax and boost mood. Orange can also cool inflammation and taken internally (1-2 drops in tea or water) can boost digestion, help ease cramps and constipation. 

Often used in "green" home cleaning, Orange oil can be added to a spray bottle filled with water for an antibacterial anti microbial household cleaner.



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