Essential Oils of the Earth

Rose Essential Oil (Rosa damascena)


Floral, deep, spicy and sensual. Rose oil is one of the most prized essential oils you can buy! It takes over 55 pounds of rose petals to make just 5 ml of Rose Essential Oil. Thus, you want to use sparingly when diffusing! Consider our pre-diluted roll on to help with affordability.

Rose Essential Oil increases libido and can ease menstrual symptoms. Rose oil helps balance hormones and boost desire for sex drive in both men and women.

Rose oil is excellent for the skin, and supports numerous health issues. Rose oil can help smooth scarring and help minimize the look of wrinkles. It is powerful for use with numerous skin conditions, including acne, dry skin and aging skin.

Due to its anti-spasmodic properties, diffusing Rose Oil can help relieve cramps and menstruation/PMS symptoms. It also helps fight feelings of anxiety and moodiness.

Rose Essential Oil may help people who experience seizures due to it's high anti-spasmodic and sedating properties.

Rose Essential Oil is a natural perfume. Our pre-diluted roll-on is great for this, or try one of our all natural essential oil perfumes.

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